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DDS, 6-Zone Equipment Rack Expansion Hub [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
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Modern Convenience

The D5XH 4 Source, 6 Zone Digital Audio Expansion Router, when used with the D5RH Digital Audio Router, provides the ability to listen to 4 different audio sources in up to 28 separate areas of the home for total flexibility and convenience. No need to have multiple audio systems in different areas, just select a source from one of Xantech’s premium in-wall keypad, sit back and enjoy!

Crystal Clear Digital Sound

End-to-end digital architecture means that the entire signal path of the audio system remains in the digital domain from start to finish. This means that noise, signal loss and other unwanted effects are never present. Each keypad contains a 30 Watt digital amplifier that allows the user to play music at loud volume when desired. This also means that music at any volume is full and rich, without distortion and with plenty of bass!

Simple, Logical Installation

The D5RH and D5XH connect with CAT-5 and speaker wire, making them reliable and easy to install. Any digital or analog audio source can be connected directly to the D5XH Digital Audio Router, or remotely using a D5IP Local Source Wall Plate. Keypads and Wall Plates are connected to the D5XH using CAT-5 wiring (inexpensive and reliable), while speakers are connected to D5KP Amplified Keypads using traditional speaker wire.

Entertaining Possibilities

The D5XH’s Whole House Music and Zone Grouping features make entertaining more fun than ever.
Fully customized audio options allow for control of the entire house from one location and also allow for the creation of multiple-zone linking where groups of zones work together. Control for Parents
The Source Lock Out feature allows you to disable specific sources in the kid’s rooms that you don’t want them to access.

About DIGI-5 Technology

DIGI-5 is a revolutionary new technology standard that provides a complete end-to-end digital audio solution over CAT-5 wiring. DIGI-5 is based on advanced digital distribution and amplification circuits that allow multi-room audio systems to be installed quickly and cost effectively. DIGI-5 is a collaboratively developed technology that is licensed by the Linear Home Technology Group and is being initially integrated on a Linear group-wide basis, targeted to expand market and consumer acceptance of such systems.


  • Digital Delivery System (DDS)
  • Audio Loop-Thru connection from master hub
  • Audio input level control
  • Serial RS-232 control port
  • IR emitter outputs
  • Zone pairing for combining keypads in a zone
  • Zone power output for longer distances

Order: D5XH

General Info:

  • ~120V 50/60Hz Power Supply: 240W max.
  • Dimensions: 17"W x 14.25"D x 2.41"H
  • Optional RM1UKIT rack ears available

International Version Available Order: D5XHE

DIGI-5 Serial Protocol document available under Dealer section only (password required)

Product Manual