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SmartPad3 - In-Wall Programmable Keypad
EM110KITRP Smartpad3 Single Gang Expansion Module Kit RP
EM110RP Smartpad3 Single Gang Expansion Module RP
LM110KITRP Smartpad3 Single Gang Leaning Module Kit RP
LM110RP Smartpad3 Single Gang Learning Module RP
PM110KITRP Smartpad3 Dual Gang Leaning Module Kit RP
PM110RP Smartpad3 Dual Gang Learning Module
DTMSP3 Smartpad3 Desktop Mount


Designer Emitter
Dinky Link™

Get the IR Receiver Kit that's right for the job!

Hide the DVD Player and the Cable Box in another room for a clean looking installation. The only product seen is one of Xantech's discrete IR Receivers.

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