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IR Accessories
20200 Four Way DC Passive Splitter
20300 DC Blocker
28ADJ Infra Red Adjuster
28VHB High Performance Emitter Tape
3016400 Dark Purple Lens for 780 Series
3972440 RS-232 Cable PC to Keypad
6015900 Five Foot Mini Plug Cable
6017400 2-Foot Mono Mini Plug Cable
6017440 Dual 3.5mm Mini Jack Adapter
6017450 10-Foot Mono Mini Plug Cable
63400 Ground Breaker
78400 Emitter Extension Cable
BYPASS94 IR RF Bypass Kit
INJ94 RF/IR Injector
IR KITS IR Receiver Kits
MW1 Emitter Wire Dressing (Sillver and Black)
SUNKIT IR Receiver Sunscreen Filter Kit
20000 Two Way DC Passive Splitter
28EXT Emitter External Adapter
CPL10 IR/RF Coupler
CPL94B IR/RF Coupler
DPKIT Dragon Drop-IR Programming Kit
DPTBOX Dragon Drop-IR Programming Tool Box


Designer Emitter
Dinky Link™

Get the IR Receiver Kit that's right for the job!

Hide the DVD Player and the Cable Box in another room for a clean looking installation. The only product seen is one of Xantech's discrete IR Receivers.

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