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IR Receiver Kits

The superior technology behind the industry’s
number one brand in IR control*

LCD, plasma TV’s and compact-fluorescent lighting (CFL) are now house-hold items—and all are potential sources of interference for any IR system.  Equally critical, today’s satellite and CATV set-top boxes need precise, error-free remote control commands in order to function.

That’s why Xantech’s new 95 and 85 series IR kits feature three significant advances in IR technology to deliver outstanding sensitivity, performance and reliability in a wide variety of installation environments. In addition, all three Xantech IR series kits feature superior build quality plus advanced circuitry which passes native IR carrier and data signals faithfully and reliably to ensure proper control of all A/V components.

Xantech is the only manufacturer building an IR product line around this level of advanced circuit design. IR is a crucial control “backbone” in nearly every A/V system installation, and Xantech is committed to IR that works perfectly every time which demands such a no-compromise approach.

If it is an IR problem and Xantech can’t solve it, nobody can.

* CE-Pro magazine, June 2010, “Where Brand Loyalty Lies” (analysis of CE-Pro 100 use survey)

  1. Error Correction circuitry (95 & 85 series):
Xantech IR receivers actively monitor and confirm an infrared signal’s validity by comparing it to typical remote control signal patterns. Unwelcome spurious or very high-frequency interference can be easily ignored, while validated but distorted IR signals can be quickly repaired and purged of undesirable noise. The result is the most faithful reproduction of the original IR signal that present technology allows.

2. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuitry (95 & 85 series):

A Xantech IR receiver also constantly studies the ambient light level in the environment, and automatically (and rapidly) re-calibrates its own sensitivity so it can more accurately discriminate between the wanted remote signals and unwanted noise from sources such as TV’s, lighting and even the sun.

3. Sophisticated Adaptive Filtering circuitry (95 & 85 series):
Xantech has extensively analyzed the IR characteristics of the vast majority of consumer electronics product types, which shows that nearly all of them operate using a carrier frequency between the 25 kHz and 60 kHz range. Frequencies above 60 kHz consist mostly of random noise generated by CFL lighting as well as LCD and plasma displays. Xantech builds-in an intelligent, accurate, and effective filtering mechanism into each of its 89 and 95-series IR receivers enabling the receiver to more electively “look” at an IR source while rejecting those frequencies without any useful information.

4. Native Carrier Frequency Transmission circuitry (95, 85 & 25 series):

Nearly every IR system relies on a carrier frequency to “carry” the commands to their destination. Some consumer electronic devices, especially digital cable and satellite TV boxes, are very picky regarding carrier frequency accuracy: they may not accept remote commands unless precisely the right carrier frequency is present. Unfortunately, many IR repeater systems take a technical short-cut and simply strip away the carrier frequency upon reception— instead of intelligently identifying and removing the unwanted noise and interference from it— and then attempt to regenerate or replicate the carrier frequency. This can result in incomplete or incorrect IR signals and a lot of frustration and expense for a system designer.

Rather than trying to make a copy of the carrier frequency to compensate for inadequate parts and circuit design, Xantech uses better-quality components and circuitry that can accurately process the original carrier frequency. By doing so, a Xantech IR kit eliminates the noise and interference instead of the carrier itself, and transmits the original IR signal in its correct form to the rest of the system. The result is a dead-on accurate signal transmission— minus all the noise and distortion.

5. Overall build quality (95, 85 & 25 series):
Essential in getting the most out of Xantech’s technology advantages is an unusually high level of component quality and manufacturing precision not found in competitive IR products. Every link in the system chain, from power supply to IR emitters, is made from ultra-high quality electronic parts and materials and selected for performance, electronic and/or optical integrity, and long-term reliability. This attention to both component quality and advanced technology is ultimately what makes a superior IR product— and what makes it a “Xantech.”


Red/95 Series

Premium kit for high-end and custom installations requiring the ultimate in IR control.95-series works with remotes up to 120 feet away*. Oversized IR receiving element gives the 95 series improved off-axis reception along with superior noise-rejection and range.  Compatible with all types of TV’s including plasma, LCD and LED, and all satellite and cable TV boxes. Works wtih CFL lighting.


Green/85 Series

Versatile IR solution that works with remotes up to 80 feet away*. 85-series is also compatible with all types of TV’s (plasma, LCD and LED) as well as all satellite and cable TV boxes. Works with CFL lighting.


Blue/25 Series

Also works with remotes up to 80 feet away*. A great value in IR control, 25-series is designed for CRT and DLP TV’s and is compatible with all satellite and cable TV boxes. Works with traditional lighting.  Xantech’s 25 series is capable of outperforming many “premium” products made by competitors under low interference operating conditions.
*ActualIR kit range depends on remote control output and ambient lighting conditions