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LCD/CFL Proof Micro Link IR Receiver

The Micro Link IR Receiver is a small peep-hole style infrared repeater
assembly. The Micro Link IR Receiver is equipped with a 7-foot cable and
a 3.5mm stereo mini plug, which is plugged directly into the “IR RCVR”
jack on the connecting block, such as the models 789-44, CB60, and 791-
44. The Micro Link IR Receiver is primarily intended for use in installations
where the connecting block is within reach of its 7-foot cable – as when
installing the Micro Link IR Receiver in a cabinet where the controlled
equipment is behind closed doors.

· Small size; mounts in 1/2” diameter hole. 2 inches deep (50mm).
· Quick-Connect 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug on 7ft. cable for direct plug-in
to Xantech Connecting Blocks.
· Works in normal 3-wire mode (12VDC, IR, GND).
· Green Talkback LED for System Verification.

· Infrared modulation frequency bandwidth: 30 – 60 kHz.
· IR reception range: Up to 80 feet, depending on remote control output
strength and ambient conditions.
· Reception angle: 55 degrees off axis for 50% range reduction.
· Cable requirements: 3-conductor. Use 24 gauge up to 200’, 22 gauge
up to 600’ 20 gauge up to 2000’, 18 gauge up to 5000’ – unshielded
· Max. transmission length: 1 mile using 18 gauge wire.
· Maximum current output: 100mA
· Drives IR emitters through Xantech Connecting Blocks, Controllers,
· Dimensions: 1/2” diameter x 2” deep (13mm x 50mm).
· Power requirements: +12VDC, 20mA.

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