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D5IP DDS, Local Source Input Plate [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5IPE DDS One-Gang European Input Wall Plate
D5KP Digital Distribution System (DDS) Keypad and Digital Amplifier [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5LR DDS, Advanced Learning Remote [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5MR DDS, Mini Remote [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5PS DDS, Wall Mount Power Supply [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5RHK DDS, 4-Source 4-Zone Kit - Equipment Rack [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5SH4 DDS, 4-Source 4-Zone Wall Mount Hub [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5SHK4 DDS, 4-Source 4-Zone Kit - Wall Mount Kit [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
D5XH DDS, 6-Zone Equipment Rack Expansion Hub [DIGI5 DIGI-5]
RM1UKIT DDS, DIGI5, Rack Ears for ER Hubs

hub diagram

Distribute beautiful audio to 4 locations. The master hub is centrally located whereas the source material can be conveniently placed in the entertainment center. Digi-5 technology delivers high-power amplification negating the need for special high-efficiency speakers.

Product Shown: D5SHK4