HDMI Distribution


Powerful and Reliable

HDMI Distribution Solutions Designed to Maximize 4K UHD Video

Xantech HDMI distribution solutions are engineered for powerful and future-ready operation in residential & commercial AV applications, delivering seamless integration with any control system and exceptional performance in every installation. The new Xantech HDMI distribution offering includes HDMI extenders, splitters, switchers, matrix switchers, plus signal management and audio accessories. The line supports 4K HDBaseT™ technology and features the legendary Xantech 12v IR for superior performance and reliability.

Installation is quick and easy, and whether it’s a commercial or residential project, the specification and installation basics remain the same. Xantech HDMI distribution solutions can be used together in any combination, always delivering seamless AV integration and always easily expanded to accommodate additional sources and screens.

HDMI Extenders

Xantech HDMI Extenders are the robust and reliable solution for distributing HDMI signals over long distances that traditional HDMI cables are unable to address. Xantech HDBaseT extenders maximize performance and flexibility with advanced HDBaseT technology to deliver uncompressed video, audio, power, Ethernet and control with zero latency. With Xantech solutions, even the most demanding installation requirements can be met.

Xantech Advantages

  • Robust performance - Extends HDMI signals up to a distance of 100m over a single CAT cable, supporting 4K UHD video
  • Compatible - Works with any control system
  • Flexible - Bi-directional PoE in the HDBaseT™ extenders provides convenience and simplicity for every installation
  • Reliable - HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Cost Efficient - Multiple price points and solutions for every install

HDMI Switchers and Splitters

The Xantech HDBaseT Matrix Switchers and Splitters combine unprecedented performance and value for the custom installation market. Extending HDMI, Bi-directional IR and PoH (Power over HDBaseT) up to lengths of 70m over a single CAT cable, Xantech matrix and splitter solutions deliver optimal 4K content to multiple remote screens throughout the installation.

Xantech Advantages

  • Robust performance - Supports 4K UHD video, all known HDMI audio formats and 3D video
  • Compatible - Works with any control system
  • Flexible - HDBaseT™ products feature PoE, providing convenience and simplicity for every installation
  • Reliable - HDCP 2.2 compliant

HDMI Signal Manager

The new Xantech signal manager is designed to help solve HDMI compatibility, HDCP 2.2, clock stretching, EDID and handshaking issues that are common problems when distributing higher bandwidth HDMI signals over longer distances.

Xantech Advantages

  • Robust performance - Extends the reach of a typical HDMI installation beyond its standard limits
  • Compatible - Works with any control system
  • Easy to Install - Simple plug and play solution
  • Reliable - HDCP 2.2 compliant

HDMI Audio Accessories

Xantech HDMI Audio Accessories convert and distribute audio signals in any installation. The new Xantech audio accessory line enhances performance and helps solve an array of audio complications any installation.

Xantech Advantages

  • Robust performance - Optical and coaxial digital capability built-in
  • Compatible - Converts either coaxial or optical signals or extends optical, and coaxial digital inputs concurrently
  • Flexible - Fits all types of HDMI installations