ELAN Nest Thermostat Integration

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The ELAN team is excited to announce support of Nest thermostats as a part of the ELAN g! 7.3 release. 

Once the initial configuration and authentication with the Nest cloud is completed by the user, ELAN will automatically detect Nest Thermostats and Structures.

ELAN currently supports up to 10 Nest Thermostats and 2 structures. Integrators can use event maps within ELAN to automatically send commands to the Nest Thermostat to set cool or heat points and adjust the system mode. 

Through the ELAN Interface, users can adjust temperature set points in Fahrenheit or Celsius, as if they were using the actual Nest Thermostat directly. Users can also set the climate system to heat, cool, heat/cool, or off mode and independently adjust the fan to “on” or “off’ without changing the internal schedule of the Nest Thermostat. 

ELAN’s climate history view gives users a detailed view of inside temperature measured from the Nest Thermostat, outside temperature reported from internet-based services or local remote sensors, humidity, system run and fan run times, and cooling and heating set points. ELAN controls the Nest Thermostat