Legacy Application Advisories

Description: Advisory File
Cannot Add Commands to Palette in UD Universal Dragon 2.3 and Windows UAC
Speaker Selector App Advisory XSS24100W_XSS26100W APP ADVISORY
D5RH and DPC100 Paging Requirements App_Advisory_D5RH_and_DPC100_Paging.PDF
DCH4 Clicking Sound is Heard in Handset App Advisory DCH4
Universal Dragon Com Port settings When using a USB Port with Universal Dragon Software
BCI Troubleshooting Guide BCI Troubleshooting.pdf
XIS100 Service Advisory XIS100ServiceAdvisory.pdf
Universal Dragon Software Manual Universal Dragon 2_3 Programming Guide.pdf
MRC88m Quick Start Guide For MRC88m and XMusic Server integration
MRC88m Quick Start Guide For MRC88m and XT1 Tuner integration
MRC88m Quick Start Guide For MRC88m and XIS100 iPod Dock integration
MRC88m Quick Start Guide General
XTR39 Lock Up XTR39 Lock Up_App_Adv.pdf
SPLCD Lock_App_Advisory.pdf SPLCD Lock App Advisory
ZPR68-10 RS232 Protocol ZPR69810_RS232.pdf
IR Receiver Application Chart AA-14
XMUSIC / MRC88 Integration Addendum AA-13
XDT / MRC88 Integration Addendum AA-12
SPLCD Version 1.2: New Feature Addendum AA-11
PA635 Code Group Setting Information (A0) AA-10
RC68+ Code Group Listing for all Current Xantech Products. Also Instructions on changing Code Groups AA-09
Problems with USB/Serial Port Settings: How to change settings for Dragon Drop-IR Recognition. AA-08
Amplifier Transient Voltage Suppression (Lightening Protection for PA and MRC Amplifier Series) AA-06
MRCBOX mounting instructions AA-05
Controlling a Pioneer VSX-45TX via the rear panel AA-04
IR Troubleshooting Guide AA-03
Preventing the main AC fuse from ‘blowing’ on PA1235's or PA1235X's. Installation of Current Surge Protection Modification AA-02B
CAT5 cable termination and testing AA-01
ZPR68-10 and EXP9 Power Supply - Voltages at DIN plug pins. Vol 2 No 2
ZPR68 / ZPR68-10 Digital Interface (RS232) Vol 2 No 1
RCA and Sony DSS IR Compatibility Issues Vol 1 No 3
Controlling Pioneer 1.125 MHz ISC (GUI) Products Vol 1 No 1

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